Poland vs. Russia   Russian fascism vs. Poland

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Georgia GE Voted for Poland Poland (2 years 19 days ago)

F...ck terrorussia! F...ck medvedev! F...ck putin-huilo!

Gengis Khan MN Voted for Poland Poland (2 years 8 months ago)

Russia is a Mongolian colony!

Arab Nationalist SA Voted for Russia Russia (4 years 25 days ago)

Poland is a shthole, nobody wants to be like them nor wants to go there, and they're not welcome in Middle East... Just fck off dirty Pols, and don't come to Dubai or any of those places, just stay in your shthole.

Bella UA Observer (4 years 29 days ago)

Thanks.what a lengthy and in depth article but full of useful information

vipescorts-girls.com UA Observer (4 years 1 month ago)

Benedict, it is a great post thanks for posting it!

joshan SA Voted for Poland Poland (4 years 3 months ago)

Jewish.. they are not even human

Lenin CN Observer (4 years 9 months ago)

I would like Persia to have a more prominent role in your next caandelr, please. Please don\'t make me send someone to your office to see you about this. Sincerely,M. AhmadinejadMarketing Director, Islamic Republic of Iran

Tatiana ID Observer (4 years 9 months ago)

Yes, Liberia, Burma and USA. The only countries on the pleant which not yet have the metric system. UK and it\'s slave countries also have troubles letting go of stones, miles and feet.

Edwin NL Observer (4 years 9 months ago)

Lol, for the dude who said Antarctica\' there are not indigenous plpoees on Antarctica, mostly Europeans (or people of European descent e.g. Australians). Part from that it\'s a pretty cool calendar, if this is what they have in Russia then I\'m soo moving there .BTW since when does Oktoberfest have a c\'? lol

Deyvi DE Observer (4 years 9 months ago)

The first drawing looks alosmt like the driver was in Finland, with the white-and-blue police car and the blue uniform on the officer. The truck\'s interior is definitely Russian, though but what\'s that stuff that the driver has in his left hand? Looks like salmiakki/salt liquorice that would definitely be Finnish. Shouldn\'t it be a Vodka bottle if the driver is Russian? and why do all of the French drivers have their heads sticking through the roofs of their cars?

Enver Observer (5 years 1 day ago)

I read your post and wshied I\'d written it

Hemanta HU Observer (5 years 1 day ago)

Real brain power on dsialpy. Thanks for that answer!

Hemant FR Observer (5 years 1 day ago)

I thank you hmubly for sharing your wisdom JJWY

Wilson Observer (5 years 1 day ago)

Unbelievable how well-written and ifnormtavie this was.

Bumerang Observer (5 years 2 days ago)

I\'ve been lokoing for a post like this forever (and a day)

Ganis AU Observer (5 years 3 days ago)

That\'s an inventive answer to an intresteing question

Micheal Observer (5 years 3 days ago)

Okay I\'m cniovcned. Let\'s put it to action.

Gracielli Observer (5 years 3 days ago)

Appreciation for this inofmraiton is over 9000-thank you!

Kristabelle Observer (5 years 2 months ago)

Thanks for sartitng the ball rolling with this insight.

Komar FR Observer (5 years 2 months ago)

You\'ve got it in one. Couldn\'t have put it beettr.

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By: GVK, May 15, 2009


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